1. How do I clean the WubbaNub™?
    Plush: Machine washable. Place in lingerie or mesh laundry bag. Wash on gentle cycle. Remove from washer and allow to air dry.
    Pacifier Nipple: Wash nipple before initial use. Place nipple portion in warm water using a mild liquid soap. To sterilize, place nipple portion of WubbaNub into boiled water for 2 - 4 minutes.
    Sterilizer: A moist heat sterilizer unit can also be used with the WubbaNub product for sterilization.
  2. Are WubbaNubs™ dishwasher safe?
    For sanitary reasons, we do not recommend placing the WubbaNub™ in the dishwasher.
  3. Are the beans in the limbs of the plush baby safe?
    Yes! The beans are sewn in separate safety sacks within the plush. The WubbaNub™ conforms to the ASTM F963-96a safety code requirements and is baby safe.
  4. My baby has a latex allergy. Is this pacifier made of latex?
    No. This pacifier is made of silicone. Also, it is medical grade and given out by many hospitals nationwide in their nurseries.