Recommended age of use: 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth

WubbaNub Authenticity Education

We take our brand integrity very seriously and feel it is important to communicate ways to identify counterfeit WubbaNub Pacifier products.

What is a counterfeit?

A counterfeit is a fraudulent imitation, a forgery, the passing off an imitation product as authentic brand name product.

Why this matters

Many counterfeit WubbaNub products have been brought to our attention. Other brands copy WubbaNub products that they end up being confusingly similar to WubbaNub designs.   Counterfeit products can appear to be the same as the brand but may be made of poor quality and fused in an unsafe manner that can be hazardous to child safety.   WubbaNub takes pride in the extensive testing of our products to ensure safety and quality for our families. In an effort to protect our efforts, WubbaNub vigorously pursues counterfeits and we encourage our loyal families to report counterfeits by emailing

How to Identify an Authentic WubbaNub

Below are some details that will help our families avoid encounters with counterfeit products.

  • Every WubbaNub has 3 sewn-in information tags: WubbaNub Logo, Contents and Use and Care
  • Our WubbaNub family of friends are available in 4 types of packaging:


Clear polybag and a header card. Generally sold online. Shop Online



Clear plastic box with an informational insert card. Generally sold in brick and mortar stores. Store Locator



Clear front pocket on a WubbaNub backer card. Generally sold in brick and mortar stores. Shop Babies R Us  Shop Target

target-packaging red-dog-packaging

Clear Cylinder

Clear round plastic container.   Distributed by our official licensing partner Mary Meyer. Shop Mary Meyer

Please visit our store locator for a list of authorized WubbaNub partners. For any questions please call our customer service department, 203.799.7633 or email