Designed for babies ages 0-6 months that are not teething

about WubbaNub Our Team

Passion and pride for our WubbaNub brand is the heartbeat of our organization.

Back in 1999, Carla Schneider, a first-time mom, created a homemade solution to a problem all parents face. With diligence and zeal, Carla worked on her objectives of creating a company at a pace she was able to handle (she was a new mom, afterall!) – she often enlisted the help of dedicated family and friends and brainstormed ideas around the dining room table at home.

Today, WubbaNub headquarters has moved from the dining room into a corporate building. Carla now employs a growing team of talented people who were hired not only for of their talent, but because they love what they do. From Operations to Sales, Shipping to Customer Service, all departments of WubbaNub work together to ensure that the company runs smoothly and stays true to its roots.