Recommended age of use: 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth

about WubbaNub Testimonials

I got a WubbaNub for a baby shower gift for my friend and I am so glad I did! First, this pacifier is so adorable and really can be used for boys or girls! My friend used the pacifier when her son got a few months older and he loved it! They are much easier to keep up with since the animal is attached and that also makes it easier for the baby to put it back in their mouths because they can grab the animal. I paid almost $16 for one Wubbanub but well worth.

Caroline H

Best invention ever! My son loves these… he is 2 months old and we never lose them because of the cute stuffed animal attached!


Mom & Online Shopper

I LOVE WubbaNubs! We have the monkey, elephant, lion, reindeer, cat and giraffe. It’s so much easier to keep track of these than a regular pacie. Plus, it is a lot easier for our son to hold onto it. I’ll probably include a Wubbanub in every gift I give at a baby shower from now on.

Laura L

Mom & Online Shopper