Recommended age of use: 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth
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    WubbaNub has launched an animated series of digital shorts based off of five signature WubbaNub characters


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Recommended age of use: 0-6 months and/or babies without teeth

the WubbaNub Story

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and here at WubbaNub, we couldn't agree more. On a family vacation, Mompreneuer Carla Schneider was desperate to soothe her newborn son, who would fuss whenever his pacifier went missing. In an aha moment, she took a hotel sewing kit and a plush toy and created what is now, 18 years later, an extremely successful invention called The WubbaNub.

WubbaNub Pacifier

Head and shoulders above the rest, our WubbaNub Giraffe is sure to bring delight to the entire family.

WubbaNub Lovey

Designed with an ultra-soft plush for the cozies and playful rattle for the giggles, WubbaNub Monkey Lovey is the perfect companion that your baby will Wub!

in the Spotlight

WubbaNub Baby Cow

Our shy but lovable Baby Cow loves long walks, daydreaming and becoming your baby’s first friend!

WubbaNub Piglet

This little piggy with its playful smile and little pudgy snout, is sure to be a favorite first friend for your baby!

Puppy Lovey

Your baby will love to pal around with our new Brown Puppy Lovey. Get yours today!

Giraffe Lovey

Our new Giraffe Lovey is the familiar first friend that your baby will recognize from our WubbaNub family!


It’s never too early to start teaching them to swing for the fences! Featuring the legendary New York Yankees™ logo, our newly released WubbaNub New York Yankees™ Bear is for the littlest baseball fans.

FREE Coloring sheets!

Download our WubbaNub coloring pages for Brown Puppy, Little Lamb, Green Frog, Baby Yellow Duck and Monkey!

WubbaNub Online is here!

Shop for our WubbaNub New York Yankees Bear™ on

WubbaNub comes to life!

We've launched an animated series of digital shorts based off of five signature WubbaNub characters!

  • As a NICU nurse, I love this product for our babies! A lot of babies in our unit have a hard time keeping the pacifier in their mouth and these are amazing to help little ones, especially the ones who are just learning how to eat.

  • Best invention ever! My son loves these... he is 2 months old and we never lose them because of the cute stuffed animal attached!


    Singature Larissa - Mom & Online Shopper

  • I LOVE WubbaNubs! We have the monkey, elephant, lion, reindeer, cat and giraffe. It's so much easier to keep track of these than a regular pacie. Plus, it is a lot easier for our son to hold onto it. I'll probably include a Wubbanub in every gift I give at a baby shower from now on.

  • My Grandson, Bryson, was born with a Gastroschysis and required surgery immediately after birth. He was hooked up to a ventilator, stomach pump, had a central line placed for nourishment, etc. Once the ventilator was removed, he was able to cry and take a pacifier. This product was a life saver! The nurses don't have time to stand and hold pacifiers in the baby's mouths all night, and Bryson was able to keep his intact for long periods of time, allowing him to sleep longer periods of time. The nurses were amazed! They had never seen or heard of a Wubbanub! They kept wishing for more so they could give them to the other critically ill babies!

  • This is a lifesaver, especially during the newborn stages. It keeps the pacifier in place and keeps you from searching for lost pacifiers!

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