Here at WubbaNub we believe if you’re exhausted, you’re doing an amazing job as a parent. You’re so included in this and you know it! So, when you start overwhelming yourself at month five or six about first birthday party themes, locations, bespoke T-shirts, and cake smashes, just breathe and remember that this feeling is completely normal. But also remember that it’s all about fun and planning things that suit your little one. If he or she is into a cake smash, great. If you’re babe would prefer an Oreo or (gasp) a piece of fruit, then take a photo and move on to slicing cake for your guests — besides, you’ll have less of mess. We promise, it’s all going to be amazing. Here are four more tips for additional party-planning ease.

1. Don’t be afraid to get advice from friends that have been through this before. Yes, you’re going to put your own twist on everything, but whether it’s a question about budget, finding cute decorations, party favor ideas, or even what to put on the invite, you have your support system for a reason. Use it.

2. Set a budget. This can be loose, but it’s always a good idea to sit down, talk to your partner and come up with an ideal number. Try using a spreadsheet to organize all of your must-haves, splurges, and “maybes.” It will keep you sane and from going uncomfortably overboard because we all know you “have to have” that customized Etsy banner. A few good ways to save: Research, compare prices and get creative with DIYs. Pinterest can perform miracles.

3. Timing is everything for your baby right now. Two hours is the perfect length for a first birthday party. Don’t worry about tailoring your window to everyone else’s schedule; stay on yours and choose a time between the first and second nap. This will be at the peak of happiness and you know what, sleep will happen after all the fun is over. Don’t sweat this detail too much, but do plan accordingly. A rested baby will be the life of the party.

4. Designate or hire a helper/party assistant for the day! This is super important and so worth it. Here’s why. This person will help you set up and refresh food and drink, while you do what you should be doing, which is catching up with family, out-of-towners and watching your 1-year-old soak everything up. Take pictures, revel in the craziness and try to remember every little detail (even the ones that might go awry). It’s all part of the journey!

5. Wine is so okay for the adult attendees. And psst, Pellegrino makes everything look prettier. Have fun.