Listen, nobody said parenting is easy. Literally. No one. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on this whole parenthood thing, a new phase will start and throw you for a loop all over again. It is, truly, the hardest job you’ll ever love. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean we can’t use technology to give us an extra hand. In our first Friday Finds, we share a handful of technology products from across the board that are making the parenting experience a little bit easier. Whew.




We’re all about soothing babies at Wubbanub, so were particularly interested in the Baby Shusher. Have you heard of it? The self-proclaimed sleep miracle makes a rhythmic “shush” noise that when placed within two feet of baby’s hearing radius, will put your fussy baby to sleep in minutes.

Parents Magazine has a great round up of Wi-Fi baby monitors that allow you to view what’s happening in your baby’s nursery from literally anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection. That’s a comforting fact, especially for moms who’ve hired a nanny and are heading back to work after maternity leave.


The last thing new parents want to deal with at night is figuring out what to make for dinner. We love services like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron that provide all the fresh ingredients, menus and inspiration you need to create an easy and delicious meal. One less thing to think about!


The Longest Shortest Time is an essential podcast on parenting that was created by author Hillary Frank, who wanted other parents to know they weren’t alone. And more importantly, that as never-ending as any parenting stage seems, it doesn’t last forever. Topics range from speed dating for mom friends, stories of miscarriage, adoption and the terrible two’s… and everything in between.


Assistance for most things really is just a click away, including help with breastfeeding, believe it or not. Latch Me, which was rated the #1 breastfeeding app by Parents Magazine in 2015, this app is a thorough resource for all things breastfeeding-related, from finding a breastfeeding support group, nearby places that allow breastfeeding or help with finding a lactation consultant. With Nursing Timer, keep track of when you last breastfed, for how long on each breast and more pertinent details. It can be challenging to remember everything, especially when the baby’s crying, so we love this resource!

Switching gears, check out Workflowy, an organizing tool like no other. Take notes, make lists and manage your life with ease (or as easy as it can be with a new baby at home)!