If you love Mother’s Day as much as we do, then the following list of easy and ingenious ways to unwind with and without your kids is for you. Now, you may have heard some of these ideas before, but we’ve put our own little twist on each one to help you plan your best Mother’s Day yet.


Breakfast in Bed: If you’re not having a big family event, try staying home and brunching it in bed. Don’t look at the clock, leave your PJs on, and just go with the cuddle-filled moment. Try and pick out a flapjack or waffle recipe you haven’t tried before; it’s life’s little adventures that are the sweetest!

photo credit: Mandi Nelson

Walking/Hiking: Exercising as a family can be fun. Don’t time it and just get lost (responsibly). If you’re in a neighborhood, take in the architecture, and if you’re surrounded by nature, stop and breath it in. And, snapping a few candid photos of your fam is always a great way to capture the moment and create beautiful photo art for your home.


Lounging: While the kids nap or go off for some “daddy time,” take some time for yourself. Turn on Bravo or our fave, HGTV, with a glass of Pellegrino or wine. If you feel really naughty, do some simultaneous online shopping or call to catch up with girlfriends, who are hopefully doing a little bit of the same thing.


Baking: Getting messy with something sweet, something savory or something that’s more like a science project creates learning and bonding time. If your kids are a little bit older get them involved. If they’re younger, put on a cooking show performance by working in a colorful apron or chef’s hat. You may also want to try your best Julia Child impression.


Bouquet Making: If you’re more into flower power, gather some flowers from outside and create your own arrangements for presents or to simply decorate your own home with. This can be part of your therapeutic alone time with music to match or done with the kids outside for a basic lesson in botany. Either way, this underrated art form is pretty fun and prompts tons of creativity.