It’s obvious, we love animals. A lot of the species we adore and recreate with our WubbaNubs are unfortunately endangered. Therefore, we feel it’s always necessary to try and do as much as we can to support their preservation. We also know there are other livings things out there like trees and insects that need our attention, so our children can grow up climbing, breathing, eating and living well. Here are three easy ways you and your little ones can show the earth some love.

Sponsor a Baby Animal in Need: Save a little creature one coo at a time. The Baby Animal Sponsorship program organized by the Bay Area-based WildCare organization is a wonderful way to teach your children about baby animals that need to be saved and nurtured. Each sponsorship includes a membership card, newsletter subscription, certificate and photo of the nest of baby songbirds, hammock of baby squirrels, box of Screech Owls or the many other cuties up for sponsorship. Source:

Baby Screech Owls. Photo by Melanie Piazza


Shop and Clothe Responsibly: Shopping online can be therapeutic … for forests, too. Enter Ultra Violet Kids, a baby, child and adult clothing and accessories site that sells stylishly unique designs in vibrant prints crafted from sustainable fibers or deadstock fabric. Basically, plants that could’ve gone to landfills are saved and used. Have your babe pick out a piece or two and explain how it’s made. Plus, for every turban purchased, one is donated to someone who has lost their hair due to a medical treatment. Source: Ultra Violet Kids



Bee Friendly: Let your kids in on a little secret: Bees do way more good than harm. With the dwindling population of Bumblebees, comes fewer important fruits and vegetables for humans and other mammals. We can help by simply creating safe places for them to dwell, so they can continue to pollinate. Check out this DIY Bee Hotel for some easy lodgings. Source:

Homemade Garden Bee Nest