Let’s get real, nap time (for them) is like gold. It gives us moms a very valuable, sparkling couple of hours to rest, clean or, if you have the desire, to be artistic. I usually opt for light laundry with a side of napping. However, this week, I decided to trade an easy purchase for a DIY.

My current obsession: dipped plant pots. One that’s painted and done will run you about $100, depending on the size. It’s beautiful, it’s chic, but it’s pricey. I completed my medium-size pot for, well … $8 for the terracotta pot + $5 for the paint brush + $0 for the white base paint I
already had + $6 for the tie-dye paint = $19!!!! Here’s the site I used as my guide. The final product has that faded, desert-sky effect and I love how it contrasts with the earth tones in my den. Best part is, I did it in under two hours before the “monitor” sounded.

The Inspiration: Pop and Scott



Living Room