Source: Good House Keeping

Looking to refresh your home library? Here’s a list of relatively new books we’ve come across, organized by age. Vivid colors, inspiration and good morals play strong roles in all of these. Oh, and a little tip: If you’re taking your children on a long car or plane trip this season or next, try waiting to introduce these new reads once you’re off. Novelty is a lovely way to create surprise and entertainment.

Wonderful things

Newborn and Up: “The Wonderful Things You Will Be”

If you haven’t read through this beautiful book at bedtime yet, grab a box of tissues (or a nearby bib) and be prepared to be wowed by the vintage-like illustrations and simple but important message. Source: Barnes & Noble


Age 2 and Up: “Finding Dory”

This super exciting sequel to “Finding Nemo” hits theatres in June. So, a book to go with it? Of course! Adults and children alike can never get enough of the gleeful, gilled creature. Source: Amazon

Are we there

Age 3 and Up: “Are We There Yet?”

This is like “National Lampoon’s Vacation” meets “Back to the Future.” A story about a little boy’s time-travel journey, this book takes the inevitable road trip question and turns it into something bigger; a lesson about patience if you will. Source: Barnes & Noble


Age 4 and Up: “Splish, Splash, Splat!”

If you have a little one who doesn’t love the water, introduce him/her to this book about a brave cat, whoe learns to love it. Source: Zulily.com