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Let’s be real for a minute. As busy moms, eating healthy (on a daily basis), looking bikini fit and staying on top of our style game is challenging. However, there’s always inspiration out there that will push you to strive for a healthier, happier, more active you. My current fitness motivation: Kate Bosworth circa 2002 in “Blue Crush.” Okay, so that’s very specific, but I can’t help but love looking up to her toned, healthy physique, sun-kissed skin and effortless surfer girl style. If you’re about it too, check out these surf-focused resources to get you into the blue!

workout-152Real-Life Role Model: Behthany Hamilton – Follow the legendary prosurfer, mom, wife, and all-around multi-tasking hero on Instagram to keep up with her exotic travel destinations, intense competitions and fitness tips! Source: Bethany Hamilton Instagram

download (1)The Cuisine: Earthy Andy – Also loved by Bethany Hamilton, this North Shore mom of two shares incredibly beautiful, delicious, plant-based and vegan recipes fit for a pre or post-surf workout. Source: earthyandy.com

878f1bc9dd296b4512c61c965e0fac3cSwim Style: Anything from Billabong’s Surf Capsule Collection – From wetsuits to one-pieces to board shorts, the renowned brand’s special collection has retro-chic saltwater vibes for days. Source: billabong.com

06dfc77ab5d041d41e2034a758b216ea_f1586The Getaway: Kalon Escuela de Surf – And if you’re lucky enough to steal away for a week to actually get really good at the sport, we recommend a surf camp like Kalon in Costa Rica. Known for its isolated destination and luxurious lodgings, the picturesque sanctuary offers real-deal surf coaching. Source: kalonsurf.com