As we’ve mentioned before, nap time for them can be craft time for us. These two cute, inventive, economical and recyclable DIYs for the car lover(s) in your household pay tribute to the races being watched very closely as the NASCAR Sprint Series continues.  They’re both easy to execute, inventive (the second one uses a pool noodle!) and can be used indoors or outdoors, so start your engines and go.


Source: The Plastic Factory

The Portable Parking Garage

Link: The Plastic Factory

Utensils Needed: Cardboard Box, Ruler, Scissors, Velcro, Felt, Permanent Marker and Hot Glue Gun (Note: we’ve seen other versions using a dark shoe box and chalkboard markers)


Source: Hot Wheels

The Race Course

Link: Hot Wheels 

Utensils Needed: Pool Noodle, Checkered Duct Dape, Wooden Skewers and Toothpicks