We don’t know about you, but now we’re super pumped for Rio. Sunday night, the women’s gymnastics commentators described the final Olympic trials round/decision night as “an event that should be sponsored by Kleenex.” We completely agree; the tears came streaming down our cheeks as the five new gymnasts were called to the floor as Olympians. But the memorable evening continued as a new level of diversity also took the floor. Therefore, below is a link to help you learn more about the young, dominant, revolutionary team. Plus, we’ve got a few other articles up our sleeves we think you’ll enjoy as summer continues to heat up.

GymYour new “America’s Sweethearts” are now fierce and diverse.  Source: nymag.com


And because we just can’t stop … an unexpected (and adorable) way to pull off an Olympics brunch. Source: foodnetwork.com

WeinerJennifer Weiner, a favorite author of ours, starts an important new movement.  Source: today.com

hpvA strong argument for why children should all get the the HPV vaccine by age 13. Source: chicagotribune.com

magAnd THE bakery is open. Our plane tickets to Waco are now booked. Source: khou.com