The countdown is on and we’re ready to celebrate the tremendous athletes, who have journeyed long and hard to compete in the Olympics this year. So, whether you’ve decided to have an ‘Opening Ceremony’ party or plan on dedicating a soiree to your favorite event, we’ve discovered some cute, fun ideas that also teach your kids a thing or two about the games.

Get Artistic


Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk and make some photo memories. This activity encourages creativity and is quite the game-changing (pun intended) attraction. Source:

Go Team USA


We’re showing our country some love with this sweet, easy, patriotic treat. Originally created for 4th of July, these dipped strawberries will take center stage on any food table. Source:

Prop It Up


Every one of your little guests deserves to be a winner. These Fruit Loop medal creations are a cinch to make and ones you can even use to decorate your home with. Source:

Geography Time


This is an opportunity to get everyone to learn a little bit more about the other countries involved and where they’re located in the world. Use a simple map and make some flags to go with it. Source: