The lemonade stand: just about as American as apple pie and baseball. And a rite of passage for most children, should they live near a pedestrian-travelled sidewalk or park. If your kids have been asking about one all summer like ours, we’ve got you covered.

First, The Vintage Mom gives some excellent pointers in 7 Tips for Hosting a Lemonade Stand. Some of our favorites include getting creative with your signage for the event, donating all or a portion of the proceeds to a favorite charity, and last but not least, prepping your child in case a passerby is NOT interested in lemonade (rejection is tough but a part of life). And cookies. You can’t go wrong with a few nibbles to sell along with a cold drink!

Want to take things up a level? See Vanessa Craft gives step-by-step instructions on creating a DIY lemonade stand made out of crates and spray paint. To say we are blown away by her creativity is an understatement! Your kids should brace themselves for long lines with this kind of a set up.

No time for a construction project? We understand, of course. What about a few of these free printables from Somewhat Simple? So adorable.

Now that you’re all ready for business, how about really knocking it out of the park? Try one of these simple variations on lemonade from She Knows. We’re loving the “Arnold Palmer’s Georgia Vacay” (lemonade + peach iced tea) and Strawberry Basil Lemonade (lemonade + strawberry puree + fresh basil).

Here’s to a successful (and fun) lemonade stand day!