Say it isn’t so! Summer is nearly over, and kids around the country are headed back to school soon (or in some states, they’ve already started). We always find this time of year bittersweet, but we’ll be sure to hold those sweet summer memories close as everyone gets back into a routine again. In the meantime, there’s back-to-school shopping! Check out the backpacks we’re featuring in this post — perfect for your cool kid.

Classic Critter Unicorn Backpacks

Pottery Barn Kids is known for classic designs. We love how they’ve taken the unicorn trend up a notch with this 3-D version perfect for your preschooler. We love that you can have it personalized, too!

ChoozePack in Crawl

We all know kids have a habit of changing their preferences day in and day out. Chooze understands and has created a line that’s reversible, each side with a coordinating pattern. Just flip the shoulder straps to change the design (this backpack features bugs on one side, snakes on the other)!

State Bags

State Bags has a simple mission: when they sell a backpack, they give one away (filled with school essentials) to an American child who needs one. That’s a charitable effort we can get behind, and this black and white backpack (it’s a map of Brooklyn!) couldn’t get any cooler.


Herschel is on of the most popular brands for backpacks these days, and we can see why. They’re well-built with a perfect blend of  classic cool and contemporary edge. Plus, we have a thing for popsicles.

Garnet Hill Backpack Jr.

Little girls and their love for horses will never go out of style. We love Garnet Hill and this design, not to mention all the pockets inside!