Here’s a new batch of links for your pre-fall enjoyment. From a playful new recipe for your family baking days to a hysterical article about the reality of potty training, we’ve got the cure for your end-of-summer blues. Here’s looking forward to autumn leaves, school books, sweaters and pumpkin … lots of pumpkin.

Birthday Cake Croissants

Um, this a recipe for birthday cake croissants. Source:

Potty-TrainingMore confirmation that potty training is about control. Source:

Coffee-Maker Alarm Clock

Holy mother of all-things-sleep-deprived. This is coming to nightstand near you next fall. Source:

Ultimate FrisbeeIt looks like Ultimate Frisbee is making a comeback. Source:

Laurie HernandezBecause we’re still not over the Olympics or her adorable-ness. Source: