If creating a school lunch masterpiece for your child every evening (or hastily making it the morning of) is not your idea of fun, well, we feel you. Throw a picky eater into the mix and making lunch might as well be as as exciting as cleaning out the lint filters in your washer and dryer. Uninspired moms, this post is for you! We decided to scour Pinterest in order to find some fun (and easy!) suggestions for making lunch a breeze. Here’s what we discovered:

Chicken Taco Bento Box

Chicken Taco Bento Box

Photo credit: The Exhausted Mom

How about make-your-own tacos? This idea from The Exhausted Mom looks pretty unique, and the ingredients easy to find: little pieces of chicken, tortilla chips, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce.

Apple Cheese Wraps

Apple Cheese Wraps

Photo credit: Weelicious

Sticking with the basics, Weelicious has taken the obvious and done something fun with it to re-invent classic “kid food.” Looks so good it might make a nice party appetizer, too! A simple recipe does the trick: Granny Smith apple, cheddar cheese and deli ham or turkey. Wrap it up and voila!

Mason Jar Lunchables

By now you’ve probably seen the Mason Jar Lunchables video that’s all over the Internet. And luckily, it really is that easy to create, provided you don’t have to hunt all over for a Mason (or similar) jar.

Junior Sous Chef

What if you had a little assistance in the kitchen? This gives you a hand plus increases the likelihood your child will eat his/her meal if they remember helping you with the preparations. The Inspired Treehouse has some great ideas, including these pretzel and hummus “sandwiches.”

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Photo credit: Hip Foodie Mom

Hip Foodie Mom makes this pasta salad the night before and it looks easy enough. But if your kids aren’t crazy about olives, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the ol’ butter and cheese classic blend!