You can exhale for a moment because this week’s link report has no holiday stories. No gift guides, no sale alerts, no recipes. Even though this time of the year is filled with  family togetherness, good-smelling kitchens and cozy Sunday mornings (okay afternoons, too) in PJs, we think you might need a little break from it all. So, between baking sessions or gift wrapping, find your way to the stars or catch up with one of our favorite ʼ90s icons-turned-moms.

starsYour December guide to the sky.
Source: National Geographic

jackieNatalie Portman on the journey of playing Jackie O.
Source: Boston Herald


Your period problems are valid.


I mean, smell is a very powerful sense.
Source: Homesick Candles


Now this is the epitome of a cool interview.
Source: The Man Repeller