Most of the links this week share a theme: It’s okay to divert from your diet and selfless deeds here and there, even if it is just the beginning of 2017. Why? Because balance is everything and because sometimes you just need French fries and sometimes you just need to let your children make their own routine and eat what they want to eat. Letting go and being a bit “rebellious” from time to time might just lead to your best year yet!


You never know when that Shamrock Shake craving will strike.
Source: Pop Sugar


You’re tired, you’re not the friend you used to be, it’s okay.
Source: New York Magazine

instant-potWhen we found out Food & Wine magazine suggest we buy this (a pressure cooker!), we cued up Amazon immediately.
Source: Food & Wine


Yup, it’s perfectly acceptable to take the parenting road less traveled.
Source: Huffington Post Australia


Early peanut exposure for babies might be the way to go to avoid an allergy.
Source: The New York Times