We are officially in the thick of winter, and for children, that can often mean serious bouts of cabin fever. So, how do you keep your kids from going stir crazy and being dependent on screens all weekend long? By checking out our entertaining list of indoor activities, that’s how! Parents might even want to join in on the fun, too. We love these ideas for keeping your child actively engaged:

International Spy for a Day


photo credit: parentmap.com

Do you have an active 007 on your hands? Simply take string (crepe paper or masking tape would work, too) and attach it back and forth down a hallway. Your kids have to make it through this obstacle without touching the “laser beam.” We love a game that requires activity plus strategic thinking!

Carnival Ball Toss

photo credit: www.catchmyparty.com

photo credit: catchmyparty.com

This traditional party game works great on dreary winter afternoons, too, and can easily be put together with items around your house. Just gather some bins, number each of them and use small bean bags (or similar-sized toy balls, etc.) to see how many points you can score!

Paper Airplane Target

photo credit: www.howdoesshe.com

photo credit: howdoesshe.com

Flying school begins today! Your mini pilot can begin by tossing a paper airplane through various targets, earning points along the way. And if they’re tired from all that flying afterwards, perhaps a cup of hot chocolate is in order.

Marble Track Race

Have an old noodle left over from the summer? By cutting it in half, you can create a perfectly sized marble run – watch them go and see which one races through the finish line first!