Every night we hug and kiss our kids goodnight. They feel safe, loved and at ease. We focus so much on giving them all of this day in and day out, but what about teaching them how to show love? Yes, they kiss our cheeks, show appreciation for us and utter cute phrases to their friends, but what about teaching them how to love and respect people (and kids!) who are unfamiliar … and need it the most?


Valentine’s Day, a day filled with lots of love, might just be a good time to start. Try introducing a give-back idea after an afternoon of cookie or Valentine-making. In fact, make it a tradition. Enter Project Night Night, a Michigan-based charitable organization dedicated to providing homeless children with nighttime essentials that offer emotional comfort and security. It will teach your little ones not only about caring for those in need, but caring for children in need; it’s an idea they might be able to really grasp. It’s a simple trip together to the toy store for a book, blanket and stuffed animal, and in return your little one is a source of relief and discovers a new type of love.