Isn’t it wonderful to watch your child embrace their artistic side? We love seeing how their creative vision develops over the years, from finger painting to pencil sketching and everything in between. There’s just one little problem: watching that stack of art grow larger and larger! If your child’s creativity is slowly taking over your home, we’ve got some fantastic ideas on how to save their treasures yet minimize those piles of art taking over your home.

Itsy Art

Itsy Art

When you send your child’s art work to Itsy Art (via email or online), they will turn your child’s drawings into cool collage posters, like this one in the shape of the United States. You can also choose the state you live in, calendars, personalized name art or even your own thumbprint!

Plum Print

Plum Print‘s process is simple: they send you a box with shipping label, you fill it with your child’s art, send back, then they create a beautiful photo album of your child’s art work (or choose from an array of other products, like shower curtains or pillows). Then, you can decide whether to have them send back or recycle the art for you. We opt for the latter!

Storage Box Filing System

Honey We’re Home came up with a gorgeous filing system that can be created with one stop at an office supply store. Label by the year or whatever works best for you, then file your children’s favorite pieces away in an organized fashion. No more clutter!

Easily Change Art Work Frames

We love the idea of framed art that’s easy to switch out as your child creates new masterpieces. Simply open the “door” of this frame to add & replace, and you’ll have a gorgeous gallery wall (without the table clutter)!