No one said travel with a baby was easy (literally, no one), but there are certain tips & tricks that can make it easier – tolerable, even. We love this advice from some of our favorite mom bloggers. A little wisdom goes a long way!

“Pack old favorites and new toys in the carry-on. Bring comfort objects – we let our son have a WubbaNub pacifier with attached stuffed animal for longer than we wanted because we knew it would soothe him on a plane. For new toys, Melissa & Doug’s Water Wow is a favorite in our house…just don’t bring anything with 100 pieces that you’ll have to fish out from underneath the seat.”

Lindsey Roberts, for The Washington Post

“I used my Ergobaby carrier as a makeshift hammock while on the airplane – the bottom half attached to my waist and the top half attached to the seat in front of me. It was perfect for traveling when the little man was about 6 months old!”

Maria Colaco, The New York Mom

“I would always pack one food pouch per hour of travel… you never want to be without a snack if there are no good options around!”

Kristin Strange, My Strange Family

“For my long international flights I would plan one diaper per hour +5 extra and at least two sets of pajamas, a change of clothes and a shirt for me. You only have to get barfed on once to learn your lesson!”

Candice KilpatrickMom Most Traveled

“When flying, I always pack the following items in my carry on, just to be prepared: extra wipes, empty Ziploc bags and additional outfits for baby and myself. Always pack your first day items, medicine and pajamas, too. Packing cubes are great for organizing.”

Lyla Naseem Gleason, Globetrotting Mommy

“Yes to packing cubes! My Doona stroller was my go-to…. it made getting to the gate so much easier. It’s small enough to go right down the aisle of an aircraft, and easy to fold and gate check. Also, remember that you can check car seats, boosters and strollers for free!”

Allaya Cooks-Campbell, Baby Droppings

“My infant got sick on our first trip to FL. I wish I had packed medicine like Pedialyte, Baby Tylenol, a thermometer, etc. I left it home and my baby got sick in the middle of the night. Never again!”

Kimberly ThomasValley Stream Mom