Packing a hospital bag in preparation for your delivery can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a tendency to over pack or the whole task just seems overwhelming (you are bringing a new life into the world, after all!), read on for our top 5 essentials that will make pulling it all together a breeze.


By all means, you want to be as comfortable as possible post-birth. We’re thinking cozy lounge pants or pajamas, slippers, robe, underwear and without a doubt, a pillow from home (hospital ones are not exactly known for comfort). And speaking of pillows, once baby arrives, it will be so much easier to feed he or she (whether breast or bottle) if you have a nursing pillow with you.


Don’t forget your camera! Phone cameras are pretty amazing these days, but you’ll want to bring a real camera with you to the hospital. But speaking of phones, remember to bring your charger as well. Mini speakers are great to have, too, if you plan on listening to favorite tunes while you wait for baby to make his/her arrival.


If you have a specific birth plan, bring copies with you to give to hospital staff, along with your pre-registration forms (if your hospital requires them). A variety of paperwork will need to be filled out before you leave the hospital, so be sure to have all important documents with you, including your drivers license, health insurance card, etc.

On the other spectrum of personal items, don’t forget your toiletry bags, especially things like


Pack your favorite snacks so you have something readily available when hunger strikes, which could easily be in the middle of the night when baby is having a feeding, too. A stack of quarters for the vending machine (should you be desperate) isn’t a bad idea, either.


Of course baby needs the perfect going home outfit! Whether it’s something special you received at your baby shower or one you chose yourself, baby’s first photo shoot will be special no matter what they’re wearing. Don’t forget a comfortable outfit for yourself, either!