Okay, so a few disclaimers before we begin. My daughter (her birthday was in February) will be 2 and change when we depart for Spain at the end of May. She has traveled to Chicago, New York and Hawaii already. Plus, she can sit in front of a movie without moving for about an hour-and-a-half. So, she is pretty prepared for this 14-hour flight itinerary from Los Angeles to Barcelona, BUT mom (aka me) will be about six months pregnant with girl number two. So, while the travel gods appear to be on our side so far, I will be doing everything in my power to assure nothing goes seriously awry. I also will not have my normal contingency plan in place: bloody marys and red wine. Therefore, I will have the following five must-haves, which I hope prove helpful for anyone else gearing up for what might as well be a trip across the entire universe with a child under the age of 3.

So she can carry it … and drop it.

HDE Shockproof iPad Carry Case with Handle from Amazon.

For when it’s time to get artsy.


Finding Dory Small Wooden Stamp Set from Amazon.

A snack that will take some time and energy to be consumed.

Sun-Maid Raisin Mini-Boxes from Target.

You-name-it-they-can-clean-it wipes for her and me.

The Honest Company Baby Wipes from Honest.com.

A comfy, easily portable, compact travel bed that I hope will help her sleep well on the plane.


Toddler-Size Baby Nest from Etsy via TwinzShop.