While rainy days might not be much fun for adults, babies seem to love them! Maybe it has something to do with the fun accessories they get to wear? Check out these must-have accessories for ultimate puddle jumping.


1 — WubbaNub Green Frog // 2 — Columbia Kidderibbit Jacket

It ain’t easy being green, but the babe will make a splash in this Columbia Kidderibbit Jacket. It’s just too cute to pass up and they can be twinsies with our green frog!


1 — Gap Rain Booties // 2 — WubbaNub Yellow Duck

While they’re out exploring, keep those little toes warm and dry with easy-to-wear Gap Rain Booties. Matching raincoats are available, and we think our yellow duck goes pretty nicely, too.


1 — WubbaNub Baby Dino // 2 — Hatley T-Rex Silhouette Rain Bundler

Hatley is another brand known for their rain gear, and this T-Rex-themed bundler will have your little one covered from head to toe, rain or snow. It also goes perfectly with our little dino!


1 —Ergobaby Water Resistant Rain Cover // 2 — WubbaNub Baby Penguin

If you’re looking for the perfect carrier for a rainy day, look no further than this Ergobaby Rain Cover available on Amazon. Keep your baby close and keep them company with our baby penguin.