Now, if your little one is eating solids, a good pastime on the 4th is always chowing down on yummy hot dogs, corn on the cob and berry pie. If they’re either not there yet or a bit disinterested in food, there are other ideas to keep them going strong until those fireworks start filling the sky. Here are some ideas broken up by age range. Play nicely and play safely today. Happy Independence Day!

Under 6 Months: The Patriotic Maraca

A classic fireworks sighting will of course put them in a trance as babies are highly enamored with lights. But before then, try a music sesh. Even if they’re not starting to grasp objects, stimulating and engaging them with a colorful maraca will give them their first lesson in 4 th of July fun. If you haven’t made a spoon maraca before, it’s super easy. Simply deck it out in red, and white and blue and you’re ready to jam! Try this craft from A Thrifty Mom.

12 to 18 Months: Red, White & Bubble Wands!

We all know about the magic of bubbles. This crafty idea from I Heart Crafty Things will keep them happy for hours. With the simple use of pipe cleaners and beads, you’ve got quite the creative tool that they can hold onto, wave and love.

2 Years+: Star-Spangled Play Dough

Average play dough just isn’t enough for this age … or this special day. But, throw in some flag toothpicks and jewels and you’ve got a whole new ball of dough! Follow The Kindergarten Connection’s instructions for a creative kit that will elevate the timeless activity.