This week’s Good Linking roundup is all about the moms. Summer is a season to cherish; the warm days, the smell of sunscreen and the memorable photos taken at the beach. But, the days can be long and because the sun doesn’t go down until like 8:30 p.m., the kids are up later and therefore there’s less ‘you’ time. Therefore, the following links are for those hot nights spent in a post-shower towel in bed when you’re simply ready for a glass of ice water, a fan in your face and some good reality TV in the background. Happy July.

A cute look (with a ‘90s J. Crew moment) at the evolution of the one-piece.

Source: J. Crew

Okay, so this is called Frosé.

Source: Rachel’s Fit Kitchen

Exhale. It’s human to “screw up” your kids a little bit.

Source: The Cut

Eva Amurri-Martino now has an app!

Source: Happily Eva After

Xennial?! Knew we weren’t “millennials.”

Source: SF Gate