Tie-dye onesies mixed with earthy florals, yes please. This is a fresh new way to take on a baby shower for a girl or boy. Think less ethereal boho (been there, done that!) and more rustic “Woodstock” for this theme. Here are some pieces of inspiration to make this soiree come alive inside or outside this summer.

The Activity: Tie-Dye Onesies

Photo: BabyCenter

Set up a table with all the necessary tools and dye colors and start right away, so they can be revealed by the end of the event. Try bibs too. Look to this HGTV video as your guide.

The Flowers: Daisies

We love this image for inspiration. A simple mix of branches and Daisies is easy and cost-effective, plus it captures the whole nature/free-love feel perfectly.

The Snacks: Something Earthy?

Okay, so this element stumped us. But anything in the shape of a peace sign or how about the stuffed mushroom? Here’s a recipe we love from Ina.

The Party Favor: Incense Sticks

Find ones that are packaged well on Etsy, like these from Sacred Elephant, and call it day (or a job well done). It’s the perfect end to your celebration of peace, love and babies.