What’s the one word that comes to mind when you put “art” and “toddlers” in the same sentence? MESS! Good thing it’s summer and you can move art projects outside… and not at your dining room table. And if you have a garden hose, well, that might come in handy for the following projects!

Jell-O Pool Party

While this colorful activity is bound to get messy, your child’s enjoyment will be totally worth it. We love Busy Toddler‘s “pool party” activity that really just need a whole lot of jell-o and a kiddie pool. Oh, and a few toddlers to enjoy it!

Natural Finger Painting with Blackberries

Sometimes we think we’ve seen it all, and then we get surprised yet again. Love this idea from Kori at Home of “painting” with blackberries. Such a natural and delicious activity!

DIY Sand and Rock Box

Frogs, Snails & Puppy Dog Tails knows how great sensory play is for toddlers. How fun does this sand box look for a mini construction site? Your toddler will be bulldozing all afternoon long.

Pudding Painting

Another gem from the Busy Toddler! Painting with pudding is a classic childhood activity, and so is the mess. The perfect activity for a summer afternoon!