Whether you’ve outlined a birth plan or simply said to yourself, “my plan consists of giving birth,” there’s a coach (aka a doula) out there for every kind of expectant mother who wants one. To help you navigate the exciting albeit intense journey of finding a doula, we’ve come up with some vital questions to ask yourself and a couple of resources to look at before you select your match. Therefore, when ‘go’ time really does arrive, you feel comfortable and prepared.

Photo: Dona.org

Question 1

What kind of experience and certifications are important to you?

Question 2

What kind of birth do you want your doula well-versed in? Natural or medical?

Question 3

Do you want them to be a trained lactation consultant, too?

Question 4

Do you want someone who is on the timid side or someone who will take charge?

A helpful recount via parenting.com.

A site that details exactly what a doula is and one that will help you find a doula when you’re ready: www.dona.org.