A trip to the supermarket with babies and kids can sometimes be daunting. So, you can imagine the panic and sheer overwhelming emotion that can ensue when a road trip is in the works. However, with the right snacks, activities and prep work, a trip like this can actually seem like more of a memory- making adventure than a chore that you want to forget as quickly as possible. See some survival tips below and drive safely!

The Make-Ahead-Activity

Check out this super clever art kit you can create by following a step-by- step video brought to you by HGTV.

The Snack

Animal crackers, because they make sounds, sing songs and play ‘zoo’ with them. Buy a big bag at BuyBuy Baby.

The Backseat Buddy

A WubbaNub, of course. With plush legs for little hands to grab onto and a sweet face they can smile at, our pacifier-attached animal friends soothe safely. Finds yours on our site.


I mean it seems obvious, but when all else goes awry, it really is time to call in the iPad. Something you can download ahead of time is our new favorite show from PBS Kids, Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood, which is actually inspired by the character from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Any of the Apps on there are great, too!