Natalie Thomas from Nat’s Next Adventure is one of our favorite new bloggers to read and check out on Instagram, whether she’s sharing hilarious stories on motherhood or the renovation of her gorgeous new home in the suburbs. We also love how Natalie lets her audience weigh in on every day decisions from outfit selections to color palettes (and everything in between)! Natalie is mom to 4 year old Lilly and baby brother Oliver, and we thought we’d check in with her on the balancing act that is welcoming a new child to the family.

Congratulations on baby Oliver’s arrival! How’s the transition going from one child to two?

We’re doing well. I found 0-1 much more mentally challenging as I was so used to an independent life with my career being top priority and I now know I’m not going to break this (second) child so there’s much more peace of mind in that regard as well. Physically, it’s obviously much more demanding but I made it out to be far worse in my head than it actually is. Plus, Lilly, my older child, is 4 and at a really helpful age, Oliver’s a good baby and we’ve been fortunate to have a lot of help from family.

Since having Lilly, have you discovered any new products that are making life easier with a new baby in the house?

Yes! Four years later, it’s a whole new world! We’re loving the SNOO smart sleeper by Happiest Baby, the mamaROO by 4moms and, of course, the Wubbanub (we have the Birthday Bichon)! It stays in so much better than all the other pacifiers out there, which for a mom of two, is a game changer! I don’t have to constantly get up to put it back in his mouth. Plus, it’s adorable and cuddly. At 10 weeks, he already loves it.

We love your effortless style! What are your favorite looks (or designers) for pulling together an outfit on the go (that perhaps don’t scream “mom”)?

Thank you! I’m a big fan of rocking maternity jeans for as long as you like (no guilt!) and pairing them with non-maternity, loose-fitting shirts and sweaters. I’ve also been living in cozy, cotton and stretchy maternity dresses from ASOS and Hatch, usually in my preferred pattern: stripes.

We really enjoy your blog. What are some of your favorite posts so that our readers can get to know you better? 

Nat’s Next Adventure features fashion, food, travel, trend-spotting, motherhood, must haves and more because I have a lot of varied interests and I know you do, too! Two of the posts I’m most proud of (and received the most response from) are my first piece on miscarriage and my struggles with nursing essay but I also love sharing others’ stories. The posts I have the most fun with are my “On the Road” and party planning series. And, as a new mom (again), I’m pretty partial to Oliver’s Birth Story.