The close of summer comes with a few pangs of sadness, but back-to- school fashion is always exciting. New sweatshirts, crisp button-down shirts, the latest kicks, and jeans … lots of jeans start to take over. Check out our denim guide for the kiddos to see what’s new, blue and trending. Plus, we’ve got a WubbaNub to coordinate with each piece. Hope it’s an A+ year for you and your little students.

For the Dapper Dude

1 — WubbaNub Baby Penguin // 2 — Chambray Bow Tie from Peppercorn Kids

For the Chic One

1 — Houndstooth Jeans from Zara // 2 — WubbaNub Tiny Fox

For the Well-Accessorized Lady

1 — WubbaNub Tabby Kitten // 2 — Cat & Jack Denim Patch Backpack from Target

For the Cool “Man” on Campus

1 — Vans Chambray Sneaker from Mini Mioche // 2 — WubbaNub Baby Dino

For the One Who Loves to Get All Dressed Up

1 — Ralph Lauren Lightweight Cotton Chambray Dress from Macy’s // 2 — WubbaNub Birthday Bichon