The following smoothie recipes are not just for you and your trusty to-go cup, mom. They’re designed for the whole family and incorporate ingredients that actually taste good. Of course, health is key and we love a good green juice, but anything that tastes like a salad just isn’t going to cut with everyone. You’ve got do some hiding, masking and sweetening. Therefore, we’ve rounded up a few concoctions that even the pickiest of sippers will like. Now, let’s get you blending.

Sweet Carrot Cake Smoothie

Source: The Chalkboard Mag

This one tops are list for its dessert-like profile and ability to get those carrots in there.

Almond Joy Smoothie

Source: The Fit Foodie Mama

Get a load of this creation. It’s packed with protein, but tastes like the legendary (and glorious) candy bar.

Vanilla Bing Smoothie

Source: Earthy Andy

Leave it to Earthy Andy to take frozen cherries and turn them into a milkshake- like treat with almond and coconut milk.

Kale Cantaloupe Smoothie

Source: My Diary of Us

Sweet cantaloupe can really mellow the bitter taste of kale, so hooray for this healthy, refreshing recipe.