September is a popular birth month and choosing a name for your baby-to- be can be super daunting. Therefore, we’re here to help by providing a little bit of inspiration via some unique name ideas. If you’re all about straying from the traditional and going with something a bit more daring, then this list is for you. Plus, we’ve paired each name with a WubbaNub just in case you or a friend has coincidentally chosen one of the standouts below.

Sullivan (Boy)

Origin is Irish; Meaning is “dark-eyed.” We love it for its preppy undertone, but sophisticated sound. Try it with our Brown Puppy WubbaNub.

Lilith (Girl)

Origin is Hebrew; meaning is “spirit of the night.” This name evokes a goddess-like ‘90s feel, so we’re in basically in love with it. Try it with our Pink Owl WubbaNub.

Crosby (Boy)

Origin is English, meaning is “settlement by the cross.” With an old-fashioned vibe, the name is dapper and incredibly charming. Try it with our Blue Bear WubbaNub.

Collins (Girl)

Meaning and origin is unknown, but when used for a girl, it produces a strong, refined essence. Try it with our Baby Hippo WubbaNub.