While it might not quite feel like it here in the northeast, fall is officially here. There is so much beauty in the changing leaves of autumn, and somewhat surprisingly, lots of opportunities to make art with your toddler, too. Check out some of these fun art projects we found on Pinterest — there’s nothing like using the resources in your own backyard or local park!

Fall Leaf Prints

Meaningful Mama combines a nature walk with her toddlers and this easy craft which involves painting the leaf, then turning it over and pressing it down to see what kind of print it will make. Lots of fun!

Leaf Wreath Decorating

Toddler Approved creates a “station” for decorating a fall wreath with simple steps that allows a toddler to create something special. With a paper plate, leaves, felt, tissue paper and glue, your toddler can help decorate your house for the season!

Watercolor Leaf Art

I Can Teach My Child shares a beautiful way to incorporate fall leaves into your child’s art by collecting their favorites, tracing around them, then creating a gorgeous masterpiece of their own with watercolors. Check out her blog to see how she does it!