Dressing up for Halloween has got to be one of the most fun activities of the year, and even better when parents get in on the fun. We love these ideas for “Mommy & Me” Halloween costumes. Will you dress up this year?

Baby Spider & Web

We love this DIY from Built by Kids; the spider web is perfect for Halloween & remarkably easy to put together!

Popcorn & Popcorn Maker

So adorable (and yummy!) from This Place is Now a Home.

King Kong & The Empire State Building

Props on originality from 1337 Mom. This is just hilarious & so creative, especially the plane whirling around at the top!

Bee & Flower

This DIY from Babble takes already existing materials (a bee costume) and adds to it a yellow wrap, flower headband and green top for mom. Voila: Bumblebee & flower.

E.T. & Elliott

No link for this gem, but who could pass up Elliot & E.T.? Materials include a white sheet, crate, PVC pipe & red hoodie. Then you’ll be ready to fly off to Halloween fun!