“Smile, it finally feels like fall!” is the theme for this month’s Good Linking post. With an upbeat group of stories and items to love, this collection will put a smile on your face and have you actually yearning for a few really cold days, so you can curl up with the kiddos, start some holiday planning and decorating, and love every minute (even the hard ones).

Because, it’s Claire Danes … and she’s describing motherhood.

Source: Mother Mag

Hanna Andersson has a curated “Nutcracker” pajama collection.

Source: Hanna Andersson

We’ve been looking for a mom-does- it-all gadget, and the Apple Watch might just be the one.

Source: New York magazine

This is THE gift for the ultimate breakfast lover/diner geek.

Source: Country Living

Kids are about to spend a lot more time indoors and we need to protect them from the dangers of the internet. Here’s apparently how.

Source: AJC.com