Oh, apple cider, a drinkable delight synonymous with the end of fall and the height of winter. Sipping it while piping hot immediately takes us fireside and makes us dream of scarves, snow and sugar cookies. We can’t get enough of it and that’s why we’re always ready to mix it into anything that enhances its incomparable sweet-tart notes. Therefore, we’ve found three recipes, broken up into sweet, savory and boozy categories that celebrate the season in one of the tastiest ways possible.

Sweet: Apple Scones with Apple Cider Cinnamon Glaze

Well, hello dessert! Perfect for an afternoon tea with the family (or all-day snacking), these scones from Some the Wiser call for fresh apple and the topping is an apple cider mixture laced with a tiny bit of cinnamon.

Savory: Herb Roasted Turkey with Apple Cider Gravy

If you’ve never tried your turkey with apple cider gravy, then you’re missing out. Even those who balk at the traditional bird will sing your praises once they’ve covered their meat with the rich, semi-sweet condiment. We’ve actually had this one from Bon Appetit, and it’s perfection.

Boozy: Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margaritas

And, Half Baked Harvest has done it again with this incredibly creative and festive cocktail. A break from the traditional libation, this merry margarita—if you will—takes tequila and holidays it up with apple cider and a cinnamon rim. Genius.