And here we go, the familiar what to do with all of that leftover bird, sweet potato and stuffing dilemma. We’ve got some tasty options for you that might even beat the delectable experience that is Thanksgiving. Honestly, these look pretty good—so good that you won’t be sorry that you’ll have to undo a button again! Gobble it up because we’ve broken it up by meal.

For Breaky

A genius option for the waffle lover staying at your house: stuffing waffles. This recipe from Just a Taste is super easy and uses leftover cranberry sauce, too.

Lunch Time

Put your extra turkey and cranberry sauce to the test with this quesadilla combo from Martha Stewart.

Cocktail Hour

Yes, this is a cocktail. And it’s a brilliant way to use your left over cranberry sauce. Please and thank you! Get the recipe at Cooking Light.

Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Who’s Coming to Dinner?

If you’re looking to continue the decadence, whip up a classic comfort dish like turkey pot pie. This one is courtesy of the LA Times.