Chances are, when you become parents, your New Years Eve celebrations will be decidedly different than they were in your pre-kid days. Not to worry! You can still ring in the new year with style AND a toddler or two. To kick off the new year right, we’re sharing ways to entertain on NYE that includes the whole family, with plenty of room for fun, too. Happy 2018!

Celebrate early

For the last few years, Netflix has created a fake countdown video that parents can stream at an earlier, more bedtime-appropriate time. 8pm sounds good to us! Otherwise, research online how to watch the ball drop in say, London, which will celebrate ahead of us in the U.S.

Ball Drop!

Easily create your own at-home ball drop with this tutorial from Miss Mae’s Days. Who needs Times Square when you can party with flying balloons in your own living room? Love this!

NYE Mocktails

Champagne for parents, mocktails for kids! We love this recipe from Modern Parents Messy Kids, which combines sparking apple juice with rock candy, which will change the color of the fizzy drink (combine the recipe with water to make it less sugary).

Game Night

My Life and Kids has culled together a fantastic list of games to play together on New Years Eve. From bingo to a balloon stomp, to a game that gets you thinking about all the fun memories of the past year, there’s lots of excitement to be had with the whole family on New Years Eve!