Happy 2018! After the ball has dropped and the champagne has been sipped, the new year offers an opportunity to start fresh. New Years resolutions are amazing if you can stick to them, however according to one commonly sited statistic, only 8% of people are successful. Ouch! So, you have a firm goal, but what can you do to actually follow through on it? We’ve done a little research and can offer the following ideas:

Be specific.

If “I want to finally get in shape” is your New Years resolution, what does that actually mean? Do you want to lose a certain number of pounds? Run 3 miles without stopping?  Set specific goals to help you achieve the results you want. Dr. Paul Marciano, a behavioral psychologist, is a fan of goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound (SMART).

Gather your tribe.

Support from friends and family as you pursue your goal, whatever that might be, is critical. Sure, it takes courage and vulnerability to share something in which you might fail, and yet it dramatically increase your odds of success when you have support from those around you.

Have patience.

Unfortunately, meeting goals doesn’t happen overnight! Progress is never linear; some will see rapid gains only to hit resistance later in their efforts. For other, initial progress may be painfully slow but then will suddenly make a breakthrough (and this doesn’t just apply to health goals). Making lasting positive change takes time, but is always worth it. Try and enjoy the journey along the way!

Chart your progress.

Set attainable mini goals within your larger resolution. This way, the overarching goal won’t be too overwhelming. PC Magazine has a great list of apps that will help you stick to your goal and allow you to make notes along the way.

You’re human.

Chances are you may slip up once or twice during this process. That’s okay! Deal with failure by getting back on track and continuing along your journey. Seventy percent of successful goal-setters said that their first slip actually strengthened their resolutions.

And finally… good luck!