The energy of a toddler can be daunting, and it gets even crazier when school and the outdoors are off limits due to heaps of snow. So, a bunch of multi-part, interactive activities should be in your back pocket at all times to keep them entertained, engaged and ready for bed at the end of the day. We’re here to help with some ideas that are sure to get everyone through what can seem like an endless winter filled with one snow day after another. Plus, they’re pretty resourceful, too.

Camp Out

If you’re really ready to go for it and are in for themes, try “camping” with a faux campfire, s’mores (in the microwave), and lots of books and stories. This adorable, real-looking firepit from Free People’s blog is simple and can be made with materials that you probably already have lying around your house. The kids will love helping you set it up.

Make a Movie Theatre

We’re totally okay with screen time, especially on days like these. The tricks that help avoid mom guilt: Add nutritious snacks (we love this easy recipe for them and us from Bon Appetit) and a list of recap questions to ask them after the show is over. See, there … you’ve hit food groups and some educational points.

Be Silly (Putty)

Ready for this? Grab some yogurt in the fridge that’s about to go bad and corn starch, and you’ve got a ball of silly putty. Next, grab the Play-Doh tools, and they’ll be mesmerized by the texture and smell for hours. We found this recipe on Smart Schoolhouse.