A big chill means big skin problems for babies. The winter cold and running the heater can zap the moisture right of their skin, so as parents we’re always on the lookout for a cream, ointment or oil to come to their rescue. Finding something that actually works with their sensitive skin chemistry can be hard though. Some products just flat-out don’t work and others seem to be too rich. We’ve done some research and here’s a roundup of our favorite winter soothing creations for head-to- toe baby dryness.

The Over-the-Counter Wonder

Tom’s of Maine Baby Moisturizing Lotion – We’ve tried them all, and this one seems to really go to work in the moisture department without being greasy, thick or over- scented. Some of the naturally derived ingredients that help this pick perform: aloe, shea butter and coconut oil.

The Make-It-Yourself Skin Solution

If you’re really into the all-natural thing, then your best bet is to make something yourself in a small batch. We like this balm from Wellness Mama for its minimal ingredients and focus on the use of essential oils, including chamomile and rose.

The Hair-Raising Pick

Cradle cap during this time of year is inevitable. With Weleda’s line of baby products and a shampoo that uses Calendula as its primary ingredient, this product gently takes care of baby scalp problems and also incorporates almond oil for additional moisture.