Moms and Dads, we get it! Parenting has always been a rewarding, challenging, hilarious, infuriating, loving journey — “the hardest job you’ll ever love,” as they say. But lucky for us, in this digital age, with all of its up and downs, there are some helpful tech gadgets aimed at making our parenting journey perhaps a bit easier. Curious to learn more? Here’s a roundup of some of the newest technology that’s sole reason for existence is making parents’ lives easier in the 21st century.

The SNOO Smart Sleeper

According to their website, the SNOO Smart Sleeper is the “first responsive bassinet that boosts sleep for babies and parents.” Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, a sleeping savior to all new parents, the SNOO is based on his 5 S’s soothing tips for fussy babies. This smart baby bed, with a built-in robotic nanny, uses sensors and motors that detect the type of cry your baby is using, and automatically responds with the correct rocking motion to try to lull it back to sleep, often within one minute. Amazing!

MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby

The HoMedics MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby is more than just a sound machine, and creates the perfect environment for your little one to go to sleep. First, choose from six total sounds and lullabies: Heartbeat, Gentle Rain, Ocean, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock-A-Bye Baby, or Brahm’s Cradle Song. Then, choose from three image projection disks. The image projector casts pictures onto the ceiling or wall, while the sounds soothe baby to sleep (they can be operated by themselves or together). The auto-off timer is perfect for nap time!

Peanut App

We love the concept of Peanut, a new app geared at connecting new moms with each other. New mommyhood can be such an overwhelming time, and Peanut aims to help build relationships between moms in your area that may be feeling just the same way.

Willow Breast Pump

The newest breast pump on the market is hands-free, plug-free, and works quietly inside your bra, collecting milk in a disposable, spill-proof bag. You can even track your volume through an accompanying app! Willow is truly changing the breast pump industry in new and innovative ways.

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer


Worried baby might have a fever? Temporarily replace his/her WubbaNub with this Summer Infant pacifier thermometer for a moment and check — we definitely think this inventive piece of technology falls under the category of, “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”