New parents! This is your reminder that daylight savings time is coming up — Sunday, March 11th at 2 a.m., to be exact. On this day, we will “spring forward,” losing an hour from our day, and depending on how well your baby sleeps, perhaps a bit of your sanity, too. Luckily, we’ve got a few tips on how you can survive daylight savings in one piece. And yes, we’re tired just thinking about it, too.

1. Slowly begin adjusting baby’s sleep schedule.

To make the time change more seamless for your baby, sleep consultants recommend making incremental adjustments to the baby’s bedtime in the days leading up to daylight savings. Scheduling earlier bedtimes in increments of 10, 15, or 30 minutes is acceptable depending on how early you choose to start the transition. Adjust nap times accordingly as well.

2. Lots of activity on Saturday.

By getting lots of activity and fresh air the day before, your little one will be tired out a bit more than usual, and will (hopefully) go to sleep a little earlier.

3. Shop for blackout curtains.

After a long winter, we all love a little light! But not when it’s shining into our baby’s bedroom when we’re trying to put them to sleep. Blackout curtains make bedtime nice and dark, as it should be.

4. Lots of natural light in the morning.

In the morning, fully open the curtains or shade in your baby’s room. Exposure to natural light first thing in the morning will help reset baby’s internal clock a little faster.

5. Patience is key.

Every baby is different, and some will adjust to the time change faster than others. Try to be patient with your little one (and yourself, too)!