It’s still winter and that’s okay. Now, we know you’ve been hit hard with some sort of illness (this cold and flu season has supposedly been one of the worst in years) and are craving the days of being barefoot and sans jacket, but we’ll get through this. Just try and remember that there is something so beautiful about the end of winter. The seasonal transition happens in what seems like a split second and flowers start to wake up for spring. The magic begins and we’re stronger because of winter’s challenges. Here’s a few happy, fun, interesting links to keep you going in this last stretch.

Joanna Gaines in a different light.

Source: People

Early morning workouts for kids are not a bad idea; in fact they’re a great one.

Source: NY Times

And here are the top winter face oils according to Into the Gloss. Thank you!

Big-name companies are beginning to believe in more career flexibility.

Source: Country Living

A delightful recap of S.J.P. and Matthew Broderick’s love.

Source: Woman’s Day